Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How Do HID Xenon Bulbs Work and Are They Road Legal?

 HID xenon bulbs are quite a recent development in automotive lighting technology. The HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, which refers to the unique way in which the bulbs produce their light. Unlike ordinary halogen headlight bulbs, HID xenon bulbs do not contain a conventional metal filament, so in order to ignite the xenon gas and metal halide within the glass bulb a very high voltage spark is needed which is delivered by two electrodes.

The high voltage that is used to generate the spark is around 20,000 volts, which is considerably higher than a car's normal 12 volt supply and so a metal box, called a ballast unit, is fitted to help boost the voltage. Once the spark has been generated and the bulb is illuminated the voltage drops down to a steady 85 volts.

The xenon gas belongs to the group of elements known as the noble gases, and is held within a single sealed glass tube above the base of the bulb. When ignited the xenon helps to produce a light that is 300% brighter than halogen, and because the light is also much whiter it more closely resembles natural daylight.

The bulbs used in HID xenon headlights typically last around 3000 to 4000 hours and when they do finally fail they normally give a warning by flickering intermittently before eventually failing to light up at all. It is possible to change these xenon bulbs yourself, however because of the high voltages associated with HID systems always make sure the electrical power is off, and if you are at all unsure arrange to have the work carried out by a qualified mechanic or auto technician.

When buying replacement HID bulbs you may be surprised at their high price, especially when compared to standard halogen headlight bulbs, however they do not have to be replaced in pairs and because of their exceptional service life they do still offer great value for money. There is also now a growing range of upgrade HID xenon bulbs that allow you to personalise the night time appearance of your car. Whilst the standard HID bulbs produce a white light with a yellow tint, upgrade xenon bulbs are available in blue, purple or pure white tints.

Because they produce such a bright light many drivers wonder whether HID Xenon bulbs are actually road legal. Well the simple answer is that they are completely road legal if they are part of a manufacturer's factory fitted HID lighting system. It is possible to buy aftermarket kits that upgrade standard halogen headlights to HID xenon bulbs, however at present the law does state that these type of HID conversion kits are not legal.

If you have HID Xenon Headlight Bulbs fitted to your vehicle then you will appreciate the effects that they have on the light output from your headlights, especially on dark unlit roads. If however, your vehicle does not have HID xenon lights fitted as standard, you can still upgrade to xenon by fitting high performance Car Bulbs, which emit more light than standard auto bulbs.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waterproof HID Conversion is the Ticket for Side x Side Vehicles

San Fernando Valley, CA. August 25, 2009 - Side X Side Customs is proud to announce its Version 2.0 HID Head Light kits for the Polaris RZR and Ranger UTVs.
plug and play

plug and play

This plug and play Version 2.0 kit includes a-slim black ballast and 6000K bulbs. And unlike other HID kits that have key components that are exposed to the elements, the Side x Side Customs kit comes with a waterproof ballast and bulbs.

These HID kit draws less power to operate then the factory stock bulbs; they only draw 35 watts per side as opposed to the 55 watts power draw per side on the factory bulbs. HID lights are also 3 times brighter then stock halogen bulbs and are a must for any lighting upgrade.

MSRP $ 189.99

Side X Side Customs has over 20 years of electronics experience and within the past 4 years has been concentrating on UTVs to bring quality and affordable electronic parts and accessories to the UTV marketplace.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Xenon Lights IS Now An Option

More car manufactures are starting to offer Xenon HID headlights as an option on mid range cars and standard equipment for the top of the line vehicles.. You will also find this product being offered as anafte rmarket item. So you may get a new car with a pair as standard equipment. However, if you have an older car you still have a choice. As you begin to hear more about them, some people are having questions before they decide to purchase this expensive option. Here are some of the questions and answers.

Do Xenon HID headlights produce more glare than halogen? Federal requirements are identical for both when it comes to glare.

Why are these headlights blue? The blue light is caused by the energy distribution produced inside of the bulb by the Xenon gases which are under high pressure. The output radiation of the bulb has a line spectrum with some of the peaks in the visible blue region. So all of the light produced by these headlights are not blue, but they still look blue.

Are all blue headlamps Xenon HID systems? No. Some people and manufactures try and inmate the blue color of a HID bulb by painting or coating a halogen bulb blue. A true Xenon bulb is not blue. The bluish color is a result of the high voltage arc and discharge of the Xenon gas within the bulb.

How do I know if my vehicle has a Xenon HID system? There are several things you can look for. First, a Xenon HID system has a brilliant bluish white appearance where a standard halogen system has a yellowish appearance. Second, the Xenon HID system will output much more light than the standard system. A third item to look for is a "flash" blue and a change of color when the Xenon HID system is first turned on. Lastly, look at the outer lens of your system. If you see "D1S", "D1R", "D2S" or "D2R" it should be a Xenon HID system. If you do not see one of these combinations then you do not have a Xenon HID system.

How do I know my HID system is legal? If it has one of the four markings in number 4 above, and it also has the letters "DOT" it should indicate compliance to the U.SL Department of Transportation regulations for Xenon headlamps.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to Install Your HID Light Kits?

he HID or High Intensity Discharge lightning system includes two starters, two ballasts and two bulbs. The reason why many people prefer the HID light kits is because they can produce better lightning and as such many vehicle owners are now opting for this kind of kit. The installation of the HID light kit will completely remove the existing lightning system in your vehicle. However, it is not difficult to install the kit. The automobile will send the signal to the starter and then the starter will send the signal to the ballast.

Now the signal sent to the ballast will be intensified into a very high current signal and then it will forward the same to the bulb. Now, light will be created when the HID bulbs obtains the signal. Different salts and gasses are filled in the HID bulbs. Once the intensified power is obtained from the ballast, by the bulb, the gasses inside the bulb will be energized and this will produce a blue or white light.

It is a known fact that 2/3rd of those accidents that takes place in the night are due to low or poor lightning. The HID light kit will enhance the lightning system of your car drastically. The color range of these kits ranges from 3,000K - 10,000K. If the color range is very high then the light out put will be bluer. Generally, the ideal range of color is between 6000K and 8000K. You can choose any range that you like. These days, people who love cars are now getting more and more interested in HID light kits because these kits can provide excellent driving illumination at night.

If you are also interested in getting this kit for your vehicle and you wish to install it in your car then you will need to know the right way to get the installation done. When you have purchased the HID light kit, lay out the parts and then look for a mounting location for the starter and the ballast. It is important for you to ensure that the wiring from the starter and ballast as well as the bulb reach without being very tight. When you have found a mounting place, you should mount them firmly. You need to ensure that they are fastened to your car.

After you have done this, you should take out the halogen bulb from the housing of the headlight. Make sure you are wearing latex gloves for this purpose. Now unplug the plug from the bulb. You need take the same plug and then insert it into the starter. Now connect the starter with the ballast by using the plug and then slowly place the new bulb in to the housing of the headlight. Make sure that you are wearing latex gloves, as you should not touch the bulb with bare hands. Just like you took out the old bulb, you should insert the new bulb the same way. Now plug the ballast in to the bulb. You are all set!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Different Kinds of HID Conversion Kits

You must probably have heard about the HID conversion kit. It is a kit that will allow you to have HID lights in your vehicle instead of the standard halogen lights. It is true that the halogen lights are bright but the truth of the matter is that they are not bright enough for some of the drivers and this prompted the need for brighter lights. It is because of this that the HID headlights were introduced. You know what HID lights are but do you know what does it stand for? HID stands for High Intensity Discharge.

If you have decided to switch from halogen lights to HID lights then you must be looking for the alternatives that many be open to you in this regard. Prior to doing anything, what you must do is to find out what you are looking for. What do you need?

You will find two kinds of HID conversion kits when you look for them:

1. Dual beam- When you get a dual beam HID conversion kit, you will be able to use low beam as well as high beam. This kit may cost a little more than the single beam kit. Before you buy this kit, I would suggest that you first find out whether it will be compatible with your vehicle.
2. Single beam- With this kind of HID conversion kit, you will only be able to use either low beam or high beam.

Before you go out and buy the HID conversion kit, it would be better if you determine how much money you are willing to spend on it. With a budget in mind, you will know what kind of kit you should buy. If you are going to be selling your present car in the near future then there is no use buying a very expensive HID conversion kit. Why should you waste so much money when you are only going to be using the car for sometime? In such a situation, opt for a cheaper kit but not a very cheap one because a very cheap kit may give you problem. As such, it is important for you to ask yourself whether or not you have any plans to change your vehicle in the future before you buy the HID conversion kit.

One other thing that you have to consider is how you are going to install the kit. Will you be installing it by yourself? Most people get the HID conversion kit installed themselves but make sure that you know how to install it right. If you are not sure whether or not you can install it properly then I would advise you to get the help of a mechanic.

Two of the popular brands of HID conversion kits that are available in the market are the HID xenon conversion kit and the McCulloch conversion kit. Are you planning to buy a new car after a few years? If you are then I would advise you to buy a moderately priced HID conversion kit instead of investing in an expensive one.


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I really love this new kind of head lights they sparkle and makes the evening have a morning light, but sad to say users of these hid light are abusing it like they are the only ones moving along a public streets. I want to have hid lights it though.